Spread the costs a year’s school invoices into easy and manageable repayments that can be paid within 12 months

Better manage your cashflow

Education is a priceless and enduring gift, but the significant cost of school fees and additional expenses like technology and extracurricular activities listed on your school fee invoice can make juggling the household budget challenging and stressful.

Our Tuition Instalment Loan can help spread the costs of a full year into easy and manageable repayments over a 12-month period.

Once your application is approved, you can use your loan to pay your school fee invoices via the Education Lending Portal. Repayments will then be deducted from your nominated bank account.


As the loan is a continuing credit contract, when you complete your current repayment schedule you can use the loan again, within the approved loan limit, for subsequent school years.

Part-year funding is also available; however, the repayment schedule cannot exceed the period of the invoices being funded.

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Tuition loan repayments

Calculate your estimated annual loan repayments.

The loan amount entered should equal the total annual school fees you would like to fund using the loan.
Loan amount Help

The amount entered is below the minimum loan amount.

  • Service fee (3%) $0
  • Total $0
Repayments (12 month period)
  • Weekly50* repayments


  • Fortnightly25* repayments


  • Monthly11* repayments


*Ensures that your repayment schedule is complete before drawing down for the following years school fees.
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The Education Loan Portal gives you flexibility to transact online with ease

Manage and pay online with ease

Through the Education Loans Portal you can:

  • pay school invoices via BPAY®
  • view your balance, the amount available to draw, repayment amount and frequency
  • amend direct debit account details
  • apply for a loan increase

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What is a Tuition Instalment Loan?

It is a loan that is designed to make the payment of large private school invoices more manageable and take the pressure off the budget. It spreads the annual cost of your child’s tuition into weekly, fortnightly, or monthly repayments.

Who is the loan suited for?

Currently, the Tuition Instalment Loan can only be used to fund the costs associated with private/independent schools that do not offer a repayment plan. For assistance with the costs associated with government schools please contact the school directly as most will offer some form of financial assistance.

Can I use the loan to help pay for my child’s laptop?

Yes. The Tuition Instalment Loan can fund any education costs listed on your school fee invoice. This could include additional costs such as music lessons, uniforms, school camps or electronic devices.

How is the Service Fee calculated?

The Tuition Instalment Loan charges a 3% annual Service Fee that is based on the approved loan limit. The fee is applied to your loan account on your first drawdown and repaid as equal instalments over the loan term. Use our loan repayment calculator to estimate the total annual Service Fee and relevant loan repayments that would apply to your chosen loan limit and payment frequency. The details of the assumptions used when calculating the estimate can be accessed below the calculator.

Why does my Tuition Instalment Loan have 11 monthly repayments instead of 12?

Having less than 12 monthly repayments ensures that your loan is fully repaid prior to the issue of school fee invoices for the following year.

What if I only want to fund some of my school fees?

We are aware that sometimes you may only want assistance with funding part of your child’s school fees. Please contact us on 1300 346 456 to discuss if we can create a tailored instalment plan.

How do I pay the school?

Once your application is approved, you can access the Education Loans Portal anytime to pay your school fee invoices via BPAY®.

How do I check my account details?

The Education Loans Portal provides secure access to your loan account details.

Can the loan be used to pay school fees up front to obtain the school discount?

Currently the Tuition Instalment Loan can only be used to fund term or semester-based invoices. We’re working on a new product that can be used to pay for the full annual cost of a school fees invoice in advance.

Can I make lump sum repayments?

Yes, you can. There are no penalties for paying out your loan early. Please contact the team on 1300 345 456 if you would like to make a lump sum repayment.

How do I apply for next year’s fees?

Your loan can continue to be used for future years school fees subject to successful completion of your existing repayment schedule. As an existing customer, if you require a higher loan limit, you can apply for a limit increase via the Education Loans Portal.

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